Backstage Pass to Tour an Image Consultant’s Closet- Part 2

As I promised in Part 1– the big reveal is being unveiled in Part 2 of the tour of Certified Image Consultant Lisa K. Ford’s closet.  To learn more about why a Closet Session with Invent Your Image is beneficial for you, visit Invent Your Image’s Closet Analysis page today.

Step 5

Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 9      Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 7

Space Bag Tools.  This part is extremely cathartic for me, putting all my Fall wardrobe in the Space Bags and using the vacuum to compress the garments.  Time to Spring forward and let the Fall move back.  Yes that was a reference to the time change.

Step 6

Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 8

Steam the Spring.  Time consuming but relaxing.

Step 7

Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 10      Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 11

Wax Your Rails.  Before placing your Spring wardrobe back in your closet, wax your hangrails with wax paper.  Your clothes will slide with ease.

Step 8

Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 14     Boots with noodles

Cobbler and Boot Storage Solution  Take your boots to the cobbler for some TLC and store them tall with pool noodles.

Step 9

Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 12      Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 13

Viola!  The finished product!

Again, would love any and all feedback my scrolling down to the comment box.


  1. Great job and WOW love all the bright colors.

  2. Step 8 is genius!!!!

    • Thanks Kelly for reading and commenting. I hope you try the pool noodle storage solution soon!


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