Marsala 4 Me Please

 Marsala Pantone Chip

At Invent Your Image we have been asked how does Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala #18-1438,  affect my color space?

Spin the Color Wheel for your Marsala look Alike


True Winter- 04.1

Bright Winter- 05.1 or 6.1

Dark Winter- Any color on strip 6, 05.1, 07.1, or 07.3

Marsala Eye shadow

Spring- Disclaimer- the color variations for the Spring Code are difficult to translate based on the Chroma differential.

Bright Spring- 05.1 with a splash of 06.1

True Spring- maybe 06.3 with a drop of 04.2

Light Spring- 06.1 with a BIG ? mark

Marsala coat   Marsala flower gown


True Summer- 07.1 or 07.2

Light Summer- 05.1

Soft Summer- 04.1, 05.1, or 06.1

Marsala Strapless Gown


 Dark Autumn- 07.1, 07.2, or 07.3

True Autumn- 09.2 or 09.3

Soft Autumn- winner, winner chicken dinner- 07.3 is the closet to Pantone’s Marsala, or you can opt for 08.1, or 09.1

SA Dress

Pantone Closely Relate to marsala   Pantone’s closely related colors.  Click pic for more ideas.

Have ZERO idea what all this color coding means?   Comment below with your inquiry or schedule your own Personal Color Analysis session to determine your best Marsala Red.

Want more Marsala inspiration visit our Pinterest board.

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