Do YOU Know What YOUR Best Accessory Metal Is?

Do You Know Your Best Metal

Have you ever struggled with what accessory color metal is best for your skin tone?  If so, wonder NO more!  At Invent Your Image we will fine tune what metal is best for your skin tone during your Personal Color Analysis session.  Here are our metal drapes that we will color code for you, your #1 and #2 optimal hardware color.

Metal Drapes iYi

NC_C Metal Drape NC_GM Metal Drape

IMG_0964 AM Bridal White and Hardware Color

Do not forget we have Bridal Whites at Invent Your Image too.  Learn More about it Click Here.


NC_Bridal White Drape

Have yet to have your colors unveiled?  Click Here to discover the Importance of 12 Tone Color Analysis.

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