Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

I scoured websites, magazines, catalogs and more to sift through what is predominately showing up for Fall 2016.  Hope you enjoy!


  • Icy Hues

  • Purple


  • Pink and Yellow Combinations




  • Bell Sleeves

  • Extra Long Sleeves

  • One Shoulder

  • One Arm Tops

  • Tie Neck Tops

  • Hoodies

  • Asymmetry


  • Brocade- prevalent in statement jackets

  • Anything Velvet- boots, jackets, dresses, and more

  • Fur- from cross body stoles to statement fur coats

  • Patent Leather- showing up in trench coats this season

  • Gray Plaid- not your old school gray plaid, it is showing up in unexpected silhouettes and cuts

  • Pinstripes- yes menswear is still on trend.

  • Metal Details



  • David Bowie Boots

  • Small and Delicate Necklaces

  • Statement Chockers

  • Bags with unusual straps or ways to hold your purse

  • Gloves

As always let us know what you think by scrolling down to the comment box below.

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