Outfit Building

iYi Closet Concepts is a wardrobe management system that makes getting dressed everyday Effortless • Stylish • Efficient. It will assist you in organizing your closet, capitalizing on your wardrobe potential, saving you time and money and making you look FAB!

Want a NEW look but are low on cash?

Shop in your own personal boutique- YOUR closet!

iYi Closet Concepts will make selecting an outfit a SNAP and put the kibosh on impulse buying by showing you where the gaps are in your wardrobe.  This allows you to purchase only pieces required to complete an ensemble already in your closet.


Documenting that GREAT combination?

iYi Closet Concepts will assist you by notating all your wardrobe combinations on an iYi Closet Concepts card that will be inserted in your durable, clear vinyl sleeve, to hang proudly on any type of clothing hanger.

Cannot REMEMBER when and where you wore an outfit?

No problem iYi Closet Concepts card helps you track when, where and with whom you donned your outfit.

Have TROUBLE being your own Wardrobe Stylist?

Hire your very own stylist Lisa K. Ford Certified Image Consultant.

So whether you are a DIY and fancy building your outfits solo or engage an expert stylist, iYi Closet Concepts is here to lend a hand in detoxifying your wardrobe and assist you in building an effortless, confident, stylish and efficient closet.

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AICI FLC Certificate


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