ASK- Lisa” Your FashioLisaYour virtual membership includes*:

• Virtual and Online Support
• Virtual Photo Assessment
• Monthly “Simple Style Solutions”
• E-newsletters
• Online Personal Shopping Support
• Event Dressing Support
• Virtual Accessorizing
• Secret Pinterest Board

*Another Note- your virtual assistance is limited to 2 virtual emails, texts, one secret Pinterest board with up to 10 pins, or phone calls a month. Need more than 2 questions per month? Each additional submission is $3.99.
Added BONUS; virtual links**, of the subject category of your choice, for example- shoes, accessories, pants, or other topic matter, customized for YOUR color, fit, and style.

**Your virtual links will be delivered to your inbox; 4 times a year, with 5 pictures that you can click, view, and purchase or not.

For less than the price of a cup of Joe everyday you will no longer worry about whether your choices are working for you. For ONLY $199/year you can have your cup of coffee with a side of STYLE.