COLOR is nature’s greatest gift. Use it to lift your mood, broaden your expression and refresh your spirit. UNVEIL Your Colors with a Personal Color Analysis consultation. Personal Color Analysis is the scientific analysis of your natural coloring in order to identify your personal color tone. You’ll discover your colors! Personal Color Analysis is important to both your wellness and your image. You’ll FEEL the difference!

Beauty– Did you know that wearing the wrong colors makes you look older than your years, heavier, less healthy and accentuates the very imperfections you are trying to hide? Wearing the right colors makes you appear SLIMMERand years YOUNGER. Flaws are minimized and your skin tone appears VIBRANT and HEALTHY.

Harmony– You prefer your own colors and are more comfortable in an environment in harmony with you. Once your color tone is determined you can use your own “Invent Your Image Book of Colors” to design your wardrobe, makeup, hair color choices, and decorate your own space at home or at work. You will SAVE time and money and shop with confidence and purpose.