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3 Step Color Style Formula

Color is the simplest way to change up your outfit.  When I am with my clients, and their style objective is to look polished and to make color a part of their wardrobe they need to focus on 3 components. FOUNDATIONAL + ACCENT + ACCESSORIES Foundational– or your core […]

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3 Style Solutions to Try in 2016

#1- Dress Up Your Tress When is the last time you changed your hair style, hair color, or just the way you style it? Part on the opposite side Pop in a hair accessory Change you hair color 1 shade lighter or darker Bangs? Need more inspiration […]

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Bring On The Bangs

Invent Your Image has added a new style solution to our Personal Color Analysis session. Bangs!  That is right bangs.  Try on a new color  before you take the color dip?  Want to see if blondes have more fun or if you look ravenous as a red […]

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Follow Invent Your Image on Bloglovin

That is right a new way to follow Invent Your Image– BlogLovin.  Choose your way to receive Invent Your Image blog posts.  We would it if you stayed current with us.  CLICK HERE to follow us NOW!

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Brow Tips from the Experts

1-      Do NOT over Tweeze- once every 3-4 weeks. 2-      On the flip side, do not over cut your brows.  Brush brows straight up and trim the stray ones. 3-      Shower first to open pores. 4-      Use a regular mirror vs. a magnifying mirror so you do […]

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Confused about socks?

        Men are you confused about what color socks to wear with your trousers? Do not worry,  the relationship between your trousers, socks and shoes should not be a daunting task.  Here are a couple guidelines (not RULES) to consider when getting dressed: Your socks should […]

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