#1- Dress Up Your Tress


When is the last time you changed your hair style, hair color, or just the way you style it?

  • Part on the opposite side

  • Pop in a hair accessory

  • Change you hair color 1 shade lighter or darker

  • Bangs?

Need more inspiration visit our hair Pinterest board.  Click Here

#2- Pencil in Your Pedicure


Are you the one who waits till your feet look hideous to schedule your pedicure?  Even in the winter months your tootsies need attention.  Industry experts suggest you should receive a pedicure ever 4-5 weeks.  So call up your pedicurist and book as many sessions as they will allow you in 2016.

#3- Spin the Color Wheel

Complimentary iYi

If you don black from head to toe it is time to spice it up by adding an accent color.   You can add it with an accessory, a blouse, or try wearing one color from head to toe.  To learn how to use a color wheel to create color combinations Click Here

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