How to Work a White Shirt

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The basic white blouse is a classic staple in most women's wardrobes, but it can be a boring necessity if you wear it the traditional way with just a pair of black pants.  [...]

And The Lucky Winner of Their Very Own Virtual Style Makeover is…

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Every month I will be choosing a style or beauty question from one of Invent Your Image's newsletter subscribers and will solve their predicament in an Invent Your Image blog post.  It is our gift to them [...]

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How to Wear Animal Prints

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Have you always wanted to jazz up your wardrobe with animal prints and lacked the confidence or creativity?  Well then it is time to step outside of your comfort zone [...]

Hats Off

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Choosing a hat that will be in proportion to your face shape: If you have an OVAL face: You are in luck!!!  The majority of hat shapes will suit your [...]

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The Art of Pattern Mixing

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 I would rate the “Art of Pattern Mixing” moderate in difficulty.  It is one of my favorite things to do when I am working with a client during an outfit [...]

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Popular Shoe Pins

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      This amazing summer stacked wedge sandal was repined from 109 times in 1 day. Thoughts on why?

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Necklace Earworm

By |2013-05-04T21:28:45+00:00May 4th, 2013|

I just had to post this and I want to hear people's feedback. What is it about this necklace?  I cannot get the image of it out of my brain, [...]

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