I would rate the “Art of Pattern Mixing” moderate in difficulty.  It is one of my favorite things to do when I am working with a client during an outfit building session.  It can really open up your wardrobe to more possibilities.  I have a client that has even dubbed me her own personal “Mix Master” LOL!!!  With that said here are some guidelines for stylish mixing:

  • Stay within the same color family.  Patterns that have the same hue in both wardrobe pieces can be successfully pulled together.   For example; an orange and green floral design with an orange and green plaid are a chic combination but incorporating it with a pink and green plaid would be disastrous.  Remember you do not want to look like you were just employed by the circus.

  • Vary the scale of the patterns.  For example a large paisley motif with a fine/delicate pinstripe.

  • It helps if one of the pieces in the ensemble is tailored in silhouette.  For instance a miniscule polka dot printed pencil skirt with a flowing, baby doll style, zebra top.

  • Play with patterned accessories.  You are not limited to just tops and bottoms- scarves, vests, arm candy bracelets, shoes, hats etc. create  a combination that will function with the patterns you are wearing.  This is a more subtle way to mix patterns for the amateur mixer.

  • Last go easy on the accessories.  Since your outfit is already making a statement limit your baubles with simplicity.  Wearing large jewelry with 2 wild prints might look like you just walked out a thrift store.

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