Whether it is a black tie affair or a comfy night at home, for this holiday season here are some wardrobe options for any occasion.

Comfy and Casual

Even if you are tired of squeezing into a formal dress, there is no excuse to lounge around in your pajamas or workout wear.  You never know when carolers will be caroling or a neighbor drops by to give you a gift, you want to be Instagram ready!  Here are some anti-party looks.

Casual jpg1

Festive Trim Trimming Party

No dress code cracker for this one right?  This is one you can have a lot of fun with and show off your style persona.

Tree Trimming


Here are some choices to up your glam!

Semi Formal

Black Tie

Finding the perfect dress for a formal soirée can be stressful.  Things to keep in mind when buying; can you sit and dance in it with style, are you able to breathe and converse with others, are you endanger of a wardrobe malfunction, and can you easily use the ladies room without assistance?

Formal Attire

The Icing on the Cupcake- do not forget to complete your look with the right accessories, hair, and makeup.