Style Rut Solutions

Feel like you are wearing the same thing over and over?  Open up your closet and scream I have nothing to wear?  Here are a few quick tips to amp up your style game.

  • Eye Catching Shoes– there is no better way to add some pizzazz to your outfit then a colored or patterned pair of pumps.

  • Create Contrast– by mixing different textures to create interest.  For example, the other day I wore a lace pencil skirt with a boucle jacket or you can combine silk with leather.  The options are endless.

  • Layer with Accessories– chose only 2 areas of interest to play up at one time like arm candy and large hoop earrings.

  • Pop of Color– you can start slow by pairing your black outfit with a bright hued accessory or pop on a colored cami.

  • Get Inspired– need some stylish ideas log on to social media.  My favorite is Pinterest but Instagram is great too.  Check out Invent Your Image’s Pinterest page.

  • Makeup– yes makeup is and inexpensive and fun way to try out the new hot hue!

As always would love to hear your comments by scrolling down below.