Lisa’s Looks 4 Less

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Great wardrobe pieces do NOT have to cost a lot.  You can purchase stand out pieces that are affordable, it just takes patience and perseverance.  Also, it helps to know [...]

“Lisa’s List”- Her Top 10 Fall Fashion Trend Picks

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Shift Dresses- the streamlined 60's inspired shape.  With crisp collars and mixed media (textures/materials).  Visit our "Darling Dresses" Pinterest board for more shift dress inspiration. Boxy Bags- this is my fave [...]

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Dressing a Pear Body Shape at 52

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Dear FashioLisa, As you already unveiled in my Invent Your Image" Customize YOUR Look" style solutions session; my color space is bright spring, my style persona is a subdued artistic/bohemian, [...]

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“Ask FashioLisa” Vitual Style Solution Services

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“ASK- Lisa” Your FashioLisa Style Solutions Virtual Service Lisa K. Ford, Certified Image Consultant, Color Analyst, & Stylist Your virtual membership includes*: Virtual and Online Support Monthly “Simple Style Solutions” [...]

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My First Maxi-Dress

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For my 5'3" frame, I never thought I would acquire a maxi dress that worked with my proportions and body shape, gelled with my style personality, and flattered my color space.  I [...]

Exciting News at Invent Your Image…

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we will be carrying the Slenderzing Mid-Thigh Short that we told you about in our recent blog post- "Serious about Shapewear- Part 2" This slenderizing underpinning pairs perfectly with all [...]

Do You Follow the Matchy-Matchy Formula?

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          You might be scratching your head right now and thinking, "What is the Matchy-Matchy Formula"?  Have you ever heard of the brand "Garanimals"?  It was popular when I was growing [...]

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