Color Wheel Pocket Version

At Invent Your Image; we turn to our color wheel to educate our clients on how to choose, not only clothing color combinations, but also makeup colors during their Personal Color Analysis session.

Today we will be addressing eye shadow hues that will flatter YOUR eye color.

It is all about color theory, like you were taught in elementary school.  Two colors directly across from each other on the wheel are complimentary.  For you that means your eyes will pop when you wear a hue that is complimentary or of contrast to your eye color.

Green/Hazel= Red

Blue= Orange

Violet= Yellow

Brown (Is Neutral)= Neutral Color

Does that mean you have to choose a complimentary color in it’s purest form?  “No”!

Purples violet, plum, indigo.

Oranges– cooper, bronze, burnt orange, rusty reds/oranges.

Greens– olive, chartreuse, lime

Reds– aubergine, red-violet, red-orange, and if you have yellow in your hazel eyes you can opt for anything in the purple family.

Brown Eyed?- you can play your eyes up with earthy shades found in your brown eye color, metallic taupe, champagne, even olive green.

Too much of a wide card playing with your complimentary hue?  You can take baby steps, pair your eye color with an analogous color choice to create harmony.  Analogous colors are to either side of your hue on the color wheel.  Green eyes can choose a blue-green or yellow-green or blue eyes would pick a green-blue or violet-blue.

Want it super simple?  Make it monochromatic.  Choose a hue in a different shade or tone of your eye color.  Blue eyes would choose a lighter value of  blue.

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