Do You Always Match Your Purse to Your Shoes         Matching dress and Jacket

You might be scratching your head right now and thinking, “What is the Matchy-Matchy Formula”?  Have you ever heard of the brand “Garanimals“?  It was popular when I was growing up and it was an easy and full proof method for my parents to purchase clothing, all pieces coordinated together by simply matching the tags up to the corresponding animal.  Giraffes go with Giraffes, Zebras go with Zebras, and so on.  Children, Clothing, and Confidence- Putting it All Together with Garanimals is their company slogan.

Triology Jewelry Set

So as adults, do you fall prey to this animal matching method or do you take chances and mix up your wardrobe combinations?  Does the OCD in you take over and you always play it safe.  Or do you take chances and mix up your ensembles?  I admit, I fall victim to the Matchy-Matchy game when it comes to pairing my accessories; all my metals have to correspond.  I used to only, for example, wear all silver jewelry and even the hardware on my shoes and bag had to be silver too.  Crazy?  Not always, this method of dressing can create a clean and streamlined look.  So I have given up my personal allergic reaction to mixing metals, are you ready to jump in and steer clear of always dressing like the Garanimals do?

No mixed metals        Mixed Metals

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