Dear FashioLisa,

As you already unveiled in my Invent Your Image” Customize YOUR Look” style solutions session; my color space is bright spring, my style persona is a subdued artistic/bohemian, and my body silhouette is a water drop silhouette with a long torso.  As I further discovered during our professional shopping session, there really our wardrobe pieces I can don that make a 52 year old look chic and polished.  Dilemma; I drive 2 1/2 hours to work with you side by side, what do I do in the interim between our twice a year sessions when I am the market to purchase a filler piece to satisfy a wardrobe gap?  

Perplexed Pear- EV

Wowsa that was a well thought out inquiry.  Thanks!  My answer is two-fold;

  1. You can choose to honor your body shape and dress to mirror your water drop silhouette or

  2. Add and subtract to acquire the sought after shapely body silhoutte

The decision is yours.  Here are a few examples for both;

HONORGo with YOUR Body Flow

▲A sensual, triangle, waterdrop, or pear shaped silhouette, (shoulders are narrower than your hips) can focus the attention above the waist. Choose design lines that shape to your bottom, accentuate your beautiful waist, and draw attention up toward your face.  For example, pictured below, an a-line skirt or a full legged pant paired with a slimmer fitting top.  Often waterdrop bodied woman have fantastic shoulders and arms so show them off.  Add a little more interest with face framing necklaces.

Go with Your Pear Flow

Or NOT to Honor– Simple arithmetic

Triangles are smaller on top than bottom.  Add to the upper part of your body to create the hour glass shape. Wear brighter colors and add textures and/or details to your top.  Draw the eye upward by choosing brighter/lighter tops and slimmer fitting and a darker bottom.  Also, V-necklines will add width to your shoulders.  Just flip if you are in inverted triangle.

Bright Top and Accessories

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