Show Off Your Assets with Bright Colors and Camouflage Trouble Areas with Dark Hues– if you do not want to don black from head to toe try this technique.  Not fond of your bust line wear a dark top and bright colored bottom.

Try a New Do– when your face appears thinner so does the rest of you. Click on picture from Hype Hair to learn what hair styles suit your face shape.


Turn to Your Tailor– the correct fit is crucial in ensuring your sexy look.  A good tailor can custom fit a garment for your body.

The Perfect Fitting Bra– sagging breasts actually make you look heavier.  Find a store that has an expert bra fitter or want to go the DIY route Click Here for JCP measurement guidelines.

Contour/Highlight–  Both these makeup techniques are Photoshop for your face.  Click on picture for highlighting and Contouring tips.


Shapewear– investing in shapewear will smooth out any of your imperfections when wearing your body conscious outfits.  Visit our Serious Shapewear Pinterest board for additional inspiration.

Shoes with an Open Vamp– footwear with a low cut vamp elongates and slenderizes your legs.


Click on pictures to find these shoes

Practice Your Posture– not only will you look taller and thinner but you will exude confidence.

Fake Bake– try a spray tan or an OTC self tanner lotion.

Thin vs. Thick Belts– skinny belts contour your natural waistline while thick cinch belts cut you off and make you look stumpy.

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