Update Your Hair Style

Stuck in a hair rut?  Same hair style for the last 15 years?

  • Adjust your hair color to create harmony with your current skin tone which has changed over time

  • Ensure your hair is touchable and has movement

Mature Makeup Magic

When is the last time you tweaked your makeup?  You might consider;

  • Creme vs. Powder

  • Mix an illuminator in your foundation which refract light to detract from fine lines and wrinkles

  • Frame your eyes with well groomed and defined brows

  • Skip mascara on the lower lashes which casts an unflattering shadow under your eye

  • Fake a face lift by applying bronzer from ear to ear under your jawbone

  • Opt for a lip stick that has a sheen vs. matte lipstick

Whiten Your Teeth

Spin the Color Wheel

Easiest way to refresh your wardrobe.  Try one of these 4 color combinations;

  • Accent Color– for the color beginner add a pop of color with your accessories

Accent Color

  • Monochromatic– not black head to toe but try wearing the same accent color which will create a modern and chic ensemble


  • Analogous– wearing colors similar to each other create a harmonious and cohesive look.

Analogous iYi

  • Complimentary– this is the wild card color pairing because you will combine a warm and cool hue.  Do not be shy experiment and have a little fun.

Complimentary iYi

Wear Something Edgy or Different

  • Always wear your diamond studs swap then out for a fun pair of chandelier earrings

  • Pop a sequined tank under your jacket during the day

  • Instead of your black pumps, walk on the wild side with an animal print heel