You have just had your color analysis session and you discover that the colors that look best with your skin tone are no where to be found in your wardrobe.  Or you only own a few of your newly unveiled colors?  Do NOT Panic!

Here are a few tips I share with my concerned clients.

  • Resist the urge to purge all the colors that are unflattering for your coloring.  As items expire (loss their shape, no longer fit, dated) replace them with colors in your palette.

  • Wear the color as far away from your face as possible.  If a jacket is not your color add one of your accent colors under it or pop on an accessory in your colors.

  • Fake it to you make it by amping up your foundation application, wearing a stronger blush or lip in your color or turn to the sun or self tanner.

  • Try wearing the wrong colors in your body color contrast level.  For example, if you have light valued eyes, skin and hair you will wear low contrast wardrobe color combinations.

  • Last tip, try to wear only 20-30% of your outfit in your unfavorable colors.

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