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12 Tone Color Wheel by Invent Your Image


Nature’s colors has a nature flow, they are not linear, just like the above color wheel.  In the color analysis world we use color to uplift our client’s moods, broaden their expression, and refresh their spirit.  Once your color analyst identifies your color space, from one of the 12 above, she gives you your book of colors and you start living and breathing these colors.  Do you dare to venture elsewhere?  Do you want to draw outside the lines and try on a different color space?  I often do!  Once you understand the 3 dimensions of color, involved with the 12 color tones, you will begin to understand that they all have a natural counterpart that have relatively consistent defining characteristics.

So if you are ready to step outside your color boundaries her are your cliff notes;

women true springwomen true autumn

It is easy to see from the pictures and the continuums of dimensions of color, that their commonality is their warmth.

women true winterwomen true summer

As in these 2 color spaces they share cool hues.

Next moving to the neutral color spaces and this becomes a little more difficult to translate the counterparts similarities so here goes;

women bright springwomen dark autumn

Both these color palettes are leaning towards the warm side of their adjoining true seasons (reference the continuums in the pictures).  Also, the brightest and darkest of their categories.  Interesting fact if I did not know anything about color I am naturally drawn to both of these.  I am a BSp but am attracted to the DA colors and my husband and my 2 boys are both DA’s.  Coincidence?  I think not!

women bright winterwomen light summer

Now it is your turn.  What is the commonality that they both share?  Hint; look at the Three dimensions of color scales.  You got it, the hue is the same.  They are both leaning toward the cool side of their true season.  Also, the lightest and brightest of their group.

women light springwomen soft autumn

In this pairing, they are both leaning towards the warm side of their true season.  They are also the lightest and softest of their respective season.

women soft summerwomen dark winter

Last pairing, they both leaning towards the cool side and are the softest and darkest in their season group.

Would love to hear if you have ever tried out a different color space?  If you have which one did you cheat with?  Have you ever tried your counterpart color category?  All feedback is welcome.  Thanks for reading.