Here are a FEW rules that have been embedded in my brain from family members and friends since childhood:

  • NEVER wear brown and black together

  • NEVER wear white after Labor Day

  • NEVER wear hosiery with open toed shoes

  • NEVER wear blacks that do NOT match

Did I just type NEVER four times?  Yikes!!

I, personally, function BETTER with guidelines.  Some RULES are made to be broken, especially in creative ways.

I say wear white after Labor Day!!!   I do- with a little twist:

  • Wear whites in winter worthy fabrications e.g. wool.  Coco Chanel did it best-!

  • Want to be a stand out at a holiday party?  Skip the “LBD” and don a “WWD” instead.  A Winter White Dress will make you the belle of the ball.

  • If the mercury is still over 80 degrees, go for it!

Read this interesting piece from Time magazine “Why We Can’t Wear White after Labor Day” .  It is very enlightening the origination, the sacredness, and why this RULE remains steadfast to this day.

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