BSp Invent Your Image Womens Book of Colors

How to Navigate Your Color Space

Now that you know your 12 Tone Color Space, what’s next? Unveiling your colors is the easy part, figuring out what to do with your book of colors is the problematical part. Are you supposed to purge every garment in your closet that does not belong in your recommended color space?  My answer is, “NO”! What if some of your recently revealed colors do not gel with your style persona? And what if you just don’t like the colors that theoretically suit you? Lastly, do you have to dress yourself in every hue in your color palette?  I’m going to tackle all your concerns and advise you on, my point of view, on how to utilize your book of colors. Disclaimer; my viewpoint may differ from other professional color analysts, image consultants, or stylists. My #1 objective is to remind you that your color analysis results are just one of many tools from your, Invent Your Image Style Solutions arsenal – “Customize YOUR Look”, that you can use to identify your personal style and build a wardrobe that perfectly fits you and your lifestyle.  Choose who’s P.O.V. or prospective that suits you best and Go For It!!!   Bend the guidelines or follow them to the “T”, whatever works best for you.

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Invent Your Image’s 3 BASIC Guidelines

Guideline #1

Utilize, your Invent Your Image Book of Colors, as a Guide NOT a Book of Policies!

Your color palette is NOT a fail-proof blueprint. Why isn’t it? Because the 12 color tones are neither exclusive nor 100% comprehensive, meaning that not everyone will fit neatly in one color space.  Why shouldn’t you utilize your book of colors like your very own personal bible? Even if your complexion does fit well in one of the color types, it would be a huge shame to just ignore the rest of the color spectrum/wheel. The other palettes, especially your color space’s neighboring one, offer a whole host of other shades to explore that might suit you just as well and they can enable you in building a more varied, yet still cohesive color palette for your wardrobe. Bottom line: Use your recommended color palette as a starting point, nothing more. Don’t reject colors simply because they are not in your palette and don’t assume all shades in your palette look great on you. You still need to do the legwork of examining colors against your skin and figuring out which colors fit your individual complexion, shade by shade.

Guideline #2

Your Personal Style Persona Outranks Your Color Space

Your color space should never restrict your ability to express your visual impression, through your wardrobe. If your recommended color palette does not match your style statement, you will need to evaluate each hue separately and then make a decision; do I wear the color, avoid altogether, or tweak the hue. If a certain shade, tone, or tint really does make you look ill or 10 pounds heavier, locate a substitute hue that still captures the color’s spirit and energy but works with your skin tone. Use the 12 Tone color wheel like a course-plotter: if you love the orange in the Dark Autumn color space, but you fall into the Bright Spring category, move around the color wheel towards your own color space until you come across a possible alternative or move directly across from your color category.

12 Tone Color Wheel by Invent Your Image

For example if the orange in your Bright Spring color space resonates a little too warm with your skin tone, try your neighbor’s Bright Winter orange on for size.  Your color palette might not include your sought after color, but perhaps your “CHEAT” or your counterpart color space does;

Bright Spring=Dark Autumn

Bright Winter=Light Summer

Dark Winter=Soft Summer

Soft Autumn=Light Spring

True Winter=True Summer

True Autumn=True Spring

If a color does not look amazing on you then don’t NOT wear it! I’m a Bright Spring so a pure, cool white is definitely not one of my best colors, but I love it and it’s an important part of my style personality. If I want to wear white, I surround my face with a bright necklace or scarf or add a pop of bright color with my eye liner or lip color.  Perfect segue…

Guideline #3

Showcase YOUR Face

Prioritize your color selections based on the ones that surround your face.  The whole point of color analysis is to find colors that flatter your skin tone, hair, and eye color; YOUR Face.  Items that are not in direct line with your face might have an impact on the overall cohesiveness of your ensemble, although not on your complexion.  Regardless of your color type, feel free to wear shoes, skirts, trousers, or a bag in any hue of the rainbow and reserve all of your color energy for your tops, jackets, scarves, earrings, necklaces, make up, etc.

 Now Go Have a Whole Lot of Fun with Your NEW Book of Colors.

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