Whether it was an over indulgent vacation or menopause that has packed on those extra unwanted pounds, your wardrobe can assist you in hiding that little jiggle?

Thank goodness for dressing your pounds away with draping, color blocking, and more;

  1. Block the Bulge– contrasting bands down the side of a dress or shirt visually trims the waist. (pictured on the left)

  2. Hidden Control– interior panels in pants flattens and the higher waist will conceal that muffin top.

  3. 3/4 Sleeve– provides coverage for upper arms and leaves you plenty of room for arm candy.

  4. Patterns– are your friend.  They can create an illusion, to hide your belly, if they are strategically placed at the mid-section. (pictured on the bottom right)

  5. Draping– is a miracle design detail creation!  When a garment is masterfully draped it is no one’s biz what is underneath. (pictured on the top right)

  6. Control Garments– there is never any shame when you reach for your Spanxs.  We all need a little assistance when it comes to our tummies.

  7. V-Necks– elongates the neck and draws the eye up to your face.  When your face is the main attraction who cares that you have a little extra junk in your trunk.

  8. Great Fitting Bra– enough said!!!

  9. Heels– make us not only look taller and sexier, but your derrière will look like you just hit the gym.

  10. Tote–  the right size bag can play cover up for your belly.