Why a lipstick wardrobe?  According to Mint.com the average woman drops a cool $15,000 total during her lifetime on her makeup products, with $3,770 of that going toward mascara alone! Eye shadows and lipsticks were also popular picks, with a reported $2,750 spent on shadow and $1,780 on lipstick in a lifetime. And we can believe it—stocking up on your must-haves can be costly, and most women replenish their makeup bags roughly five times annually.  So if you are looking to par down your lipstick spending, why not try to purchase just 3 tubes in 2014.

Lipstick Wardrobe

  1. Nude– a great choice for everyday.  What is your fave nude lipstick?  Mine is MAC’s “Blankety”.

  2. Red– nothing like a stunning red to spice up your look.  Note: play down the rest of your makeup so your chic, red lips are the main attraction.

  3. Trend– try a current color trend.  In honor of Pantone’s color of the year Radiant Orchid, purchase a purple that looks perfect for you skin tone.  Have you tried a trendy color yet this year?

Still unsure what colors are harmonious with your skin tone?  CLICK HERE to learn what a Personal Color Analysis can do for you!

So how do you stack up to these spending stats?  Do you have an annual budget for your lipstick?  What about for all your makeup?  Would love to hear your response by scrolling down to the comment box!