In our world of Botox, plastic surgery, and personal trainers’- stylist’s definitions of age appropriate dressing will vary.  Unfortunately there comes a time when we have to begin to adopt some guidelines about dress appropriately for our age that will also suit our lifestyle.  For example you might consider leaving the micro-minis in your daughter’s closet.


So some words of wisdom from ME, a certified image consultant→ stylish, age appropriate dressing is about making more modest, tailored, and smarter clothing decisions as we age.  I know, hard to swallow as we attempt to age gracefully?

A Few Stylish Solutions;

  • Know your body shape and proportions and dress yourself accordingly.

  • Get rid of anything that is too tight and too revealing.  Cannot even pinch an inch, time to retire it!


  • Show skin appropriately. Tops that show off your shoulders and neckline are timeless and can be worn at any age.

  • Stick with the classic looks.


  • Follow trends in small doses.