Even image consultants have to give their wardrobe some TLC.  So I thought, why not show you how I recently performed a seasonal wardrobe tune up on my very own closet.  So let’s go!

WARNING: this is the way I seasonally flip my wardrobe, there are many other ways that you can tackle your closet organization.  I would love to hear your tips and closet tricks in the comment box at the end of each blog post.

Step 1

Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 1           Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 2

Set the mood.  Whatever you desire to set the mood to make this daunting task fun.   For me it is candles, upbeat music (Pitbull Radio), and a cocktail.  What do you use to set a productive atmosphere for your closet work?

Step 2

Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 3

Pull Out Your Fall Wardrobe.   For most,  you will only have to move your fall wardrobe to back or to the least accessible portion of your closet.  For those that have space challenges you might move your fall wardrobe to another closet or utilize a storage system, like Space Bags, and store the bags on a shelf.

Step 3

Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 4    Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 5

Storage Solution Tools  For my closet I need more Space Bags for Fall storage than for my Spring wardrobe, not because I have more Fall clothing but because of the weight/thickness of the garments.  I utilize 2 bags for Spring and 4 for Fall.

Step 4

Seasonal Closet Tune Up Step 6

Unbag My Spring Gems  This step is my favorite because it is like opening presents, over the last 6 months I have failed to recall what treasures I actually own.  It is like going shopping without spending any $$$.

Stay Tuned for the big reveal in Part 2 of the tour of Certified Image Consultant Lisa K. Ford’s closet.  To learn more about why a Closet Session with Invent Your Image is beneficial for you, visit Invent Your Image’s Closet Analysis page today.

Again, would love any and all feedback my scrolling down to the comment box.