You just conducted a great presentation or worked long hours to complete a project, but if you do not look the part you might not stand out!

There are 3 Major “What to Wear to Work” Categories

  1. Corporate

  2. Creative

  3. Casual


This is an atmosphere where you need to convey authority and trust.  So wearing garments that are attention seeking will not work.  Note- this does not mean you have to be rigid either, add a tasteful touch of  your own style persona.  You can do this with accessories; such as scarves, fun pumps, and subdued jewelry.



These are careers in art, fashion, and media.  If it resembles a uniform steer clear!  This is a time you can dress your style personality.  Yes, I am lucky I can do this everyday at work.  You can don vibrate hues and unique design lines.  Have fun with it because that is why you have chosen your field right?



This is the most difficult dress code to crack!  You might be in technology, social work, or education.  You need to maintain the balance of polished and approachable.  NOTE- this is not a time to let it all slide, just because comfort might be key.  You are still at work.