How to Buy a Denim Jacket

If you purchase your denim jacket correctly you will have it for years to come.  I have had my classic style jacket for 8 years and it still looks great (pictured above).

  • Find a silhouette that is not too boxy and that tapers in slightly at the waist.  Make sure you can button the jacket to ensure it is not too snug.

  • Make sure the 2 breast pockets do not add bulk and that they are positioned correctly on the jacket.  Not too high or too low.

  • Go for a medium wash, not only is it flattering but it will work seamlessly with your wardrobe.

  • A cotton blend with 1-2% stretch will be sturdy and comfortable.

  • Purchase a jacket length that hits at your hipbone and sleeves that end at your wrists.

  • Choose design details that fit your style personality.  For example my jacket, pictured above, has animal print seams and I replaced the buttons to ones that I loved.

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