Closet Concepts Starter Kit

Invent Your Image has a kit designed to assist you in creating your very own wardrobe management system that makes getting dressed everyday EffortlessStylishEfficient.  It will assist you in organizing your closet, capitalizing on your wardrobe potential, saving you time and money, and making you look FAB!!!

Want a NEW look?

Shop in your own personal boutique- YOUR closet!

iYi Closet Concepts will put the kibosh on impulse buying by showing you where the gaps are in your wardrobe, which will allow you to purchase only pieces required to complete an ensemble already in your closet.

Documenting that GREAT combination?

iYi Closet Concepts will support you by notating all your wardrobe combinations on an iYi Closet Concepts card that will be inserted in your durable, clear vinyl sleeve, to hang proudly on any type of clothing hanger.

  Your iYi Closet Concepts Starter Kit Includes;

  • 100 closet worthy, colorful iYi Closet Concepts Cards

  • 100 durable, clear vinyl holders that hook over any type of clothes hanger

  • iYi Closet Concepts Instructional Card

Closet Concepts Cards

Closet Concepts Cards and Sleeves

So whether you are a D.I.Y. and fancy building your outfits solo or an expert stylist, iYi Closet Concepts is here to lend a hand in detoxifying your wardrobe and assisting you in building an effortless, confident, stylish, and efficient closet.

To get started with your iYi Closet Concepts System;

  • OCCASION (casual, professional, semi-formal, formal, etc.), the DATE you created your combination and the SEASON it is reflecting (fall, winter, spring, summer, or transitional) then document on your iYi Color Concepts card.

  • BOTTOM/DRESS/KEY PIECE choose a respective article from your wardrobe, to begin your creation, then document that  item on your iYi Color Concepts card.

  • TOP  (camisole, underpinning, blouse, or shirt) select a complimentary top then notate on your iYi Color Concepts card.

  • OUTERWEAR (jacket, coat, blazer, cardigan, or vest) pick a coordinating outerwear piece then jot it down on your iYi Color Concepts card.

  • FOOTWEAR  (do not forget socks or hosiery) then write your footwear on your iYi Color Concepts card.

  • UNDER GARMENTS (type of bra and panties, shaping garments, camisole, slip etc.) then record on your iYi Color Concepts card.

  • ACCESSORIES  (tie, cuff links, handkerchief, scarf, necklace, earrings, bracelets, brooches to name a few) complete your outfit with coordinating accessories then mark on your iYi Color Concepts card.

  • NOTES to prevent outfit duplication this section is useful for remembering when and where you wore your outfit, for example to a speaking engagement or a formal affair.

Want to own your very own Invent Your Image Closet Concepts kit?  Email and it can be yours for only $99/kit plus tax, shipping, and handling.

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