If you read our recent blog post “Should YOU be Donning a LBD?”  You learned how to tweak the LBD Rule to work for YOU?  This post is all about how to take your Little Black or Basic Dress up a notch.  Wore the same LBD last season?   No problem change the frosting on your cupcake and viola NEW LBD LOOK!

A Few Options;

  • Add a sparkly shawl, faux fur wrap, stole, or bed jacket.

SO 2

  • Pop on some pizzazz with a statement necklace, go as large as your comfort level allows.

  • Stack on the Arm candy- both wrists please.  Or too bold for you, try piling on 3-4 rings on one finger.

  • Charm your hair do or up do with some jewels on a bobby pin or a stunning headband.

SO 1

  • Raid your grandmother’s jewelry box for some show stopping brooches.  Think out side the box and attach them to your heels, clip on your clutch, or pin one or two in your hair.

  • Kick up your heels in a pair of stunning curb to cab heels.  You know you want to.

  • Go Audrey Hepburn with a pair of long satin gloves and slip on a cocktail ring over the gloves on your index finger.

SO 3

  • Pop on some Falsies or don a smoky eye.

  • Do not forget to change your everyday handbag and swap for a spectaluar evening bag.  Remember, when shopping for your bag, take it for a test drive by placing everything you will carry for your soiree in the clutch before you buy.

  • If you wear specs, coordinate your eyewear with your ensemble.

You can visit our “The Art of Accessorizing”, “Arm Candy Creations”, “Makeup Makeover”, “Bagging It”, “Watch It” or “Special Occasion” boards on Invent Your Image’s Pinterest page for additional wrap your LBD inspiration.

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