Do you ever open your closet and wander do I really need all these clothes?  Here are a few tips to assist you in uncovering if you really need a jammed packed closet .

Lifestyle– in an average week, list the 3 major lifestyles you lead.  For example if you spend 50% of your time at work, 30% running errands and 20% on social activities does your wardrobe match those percentages?  If not, the category that is on the heavy side consider purging from there first.

Climate– consider the climate you live in and what percentage of your wardrobe should be for winter, summer and transitional pieces.  My clients and I live in Florida where approximately 85% of the time we need to wear clothes that are lightweight and have breathability.  We need a small amount of sweaters, heavy coats, gloves etc.

Inventory– take stock of what you own. Suggestion: switch your hangers backwards and when you wear it turn it back the correct way.  If you find yourself not wearing an item you might consider editing it from your wardrobe.

Editing Questions– still stumped if you should keep a garment ot not?  Considering answering these questions about a piece-

  • Is it the best color for your skin tone?

  • Does the item fit you properly?

  • Does it work with your style persona?

  • Do you own too many of this piece already?

  • Is the garment expired i.e. lost it’s shape, stained, piling etc.?

So my question to you is do you prefer a larger or smaller wardrobe?  Scroll down to the comment box and share your story.