One of the most objective ways of clearing out the excess makeup clutter is to toss anything that has been exposed to air too long to be safe and effective.  Follow these guidelines once the product has been opened.

  • Mascara                                        3-4      months
  • Waterproof Mascara               1 ½ months
  • Lipstick                                         1-2      years
  • Eye Shadows                                2 years
  • Powder                                          2 years
  • Facial Cleanser                           1 year
  • Moisturizer                                  1 year
  • Foundation, oil based              1 ½ years
  • Foundation, water based        1 year
  • Brushes                                          wash every 2-3 months
  • Velour puff                                    wash weekly, discard after 6 months
  • Sponges                                          wash weekly, discard monthly


Over time your cosmetics accumulate bacteria from finger use and from brushes not cleaned properly, using expired makeup products can cause skin irritations and even breakouts.