Need it or Leave It? –  My answer in a nut shell.  Why I am I an advocate for eyelash primer:

  • It conditions your lashes to prevent breakage.

  • You will apply less coats of mascara.

  • It extends the mascara’s wear.

  • Acts like a magnet to hold mascara in place.

Woman Eye

Mascara Application

  • If you do not have a natural curl to your lashes you can use a lash curler daily holding for 5-10 seconds, never use on lashes that already have mascara on them.

  • To apply, upper lashes from underneath and lower lashes from the top.

  • Tap the tip of the wand on a tissue after ever dip and never pump the applicator because air will dry out the mascara.

  • Look down towards the floor into a mirror when applying to avoid that spotted leopard look on your upper eyelid.

  • Apply 2-3 coats rotating back and forth between eyes to prevent clumping.


Expiration Dates

Unlike food, mascara does not have an expiration date on the tube.

  • Use a strip of masking tape to document the expiration date with a sharpie marker on your mascara tube.

  • Once your mascara is open, air and bacteria start forming making expiration dates critical.

  • Waterproof mascara expires after a month and a half.

  • Non-waterproof is extinct after 2-3 months.