Here are “My Go-To Makeup Tools”!  No you do not need all these brushes to apply your makeup.  My followers on social media and my clients frequently ask me what are your favorite makeup brushes.  So here they are in the order in which I apply my makeup.  NOTE: if you apply in a different order go for it.  The sequence is a personal preference, not a steadfast rule.


So I prefer to start with my eyes.  First, I create a frame for my eye application utilizing an eyebrow comb (it is so old I do not know who made it) to brush them in order and  Sephora #20 slanted eyebrow tool to apply my Anastasia brow pomade.  Then, as some of my clients call the torture device, I curl my lashes with Tarte’s lash curler.

Next my eyeshadow lineup.

From Left to Right- All Sephora Brand

  1. #14 Pro Shadow- used to apply my lightest hued eye shadow to my brow bone.

  2. #18 Pro Shader- I use to apply highlighter to the inside corner of my eye.

  3. #28 Pro Cream Shadow- I use this for powder, cream or pigment color to my crease.

  4. #15 Pro Small Shadow- to apply shadow from lash line to crease.

  5. #16 Pro Domed Crease- I use to apply a highlighter pigment to the center of eyeshadow application.


Another personal preference, I apply my concealer next.  I apply liquid concealer on my MAC #1065 concealer brush (on right) and point the top of the triangular shape to the inner corner and then stipple only where there are dark areas or imperfections.  Then I use Sephora #57 Pro Airbrush Concealer in a circular motion over the concealer for a photo finish.

Next foundation and blush.

From Left to Right- Again All Sephora Brand

  1. #10 Pro Crease- this serves as a back up or a less expensive version for #57 above to apply and airbrush your concealer.

  2. #56 Flawless Airbrush- dense and compact for tough to apply places like around nose.

  3. #55 Pro Airbrush- to apply my powder foundation all over.  If I choose to use liquid foundation, I dot on my foundation with a flat foundation brush like #47 Pro Foundation (not pictured) and then use #55 to airbrush my foundation in circular motion.

  4. #50 Flawless Light Powder- used to seal your liquid foundation and concealer with a light dusting of powder for a stay put finish.

  5. #49 Angled Blush- can be used with cream or powder blush and delivers a more precise dose of blush.


Lastly, this is for those that love to highlight and contour.

From Left to Right- All Sephora (are you seeing a pattern of my fave makeup tool brand?)

  1. #77 Pro Contour Blender- this brush is ingenious.   It contours perfectly to your jawline to deliver that fake a facelift technique.  I also use it to apply contour to my cheekbone, sides of nose and hairline.

  2. #57 Pro Airbrush Concealer- this multi-use brush can be used for our highlighter application to the inside of your eyes near nose, cupid’s bow and tip of nose.

  3. #122 Highlighter Fan- use for highlighting bridge of nose, over eyebrows and on the top of cheekbones.

This is my sketch I use to show my clients placement of highlighter, contour and blush.

So there you have it!  Scroll down and share your Go-To Tools.

Reminder brush maintenance is critical.  Over time your cosmetics accumulate bacteria from finger use and from brushes not cleaned properly, using expired makeup products can cause skin irritations and even breakouts.  I put a reoccurring reminder on my calendar to clean my tools every 2-3 months.  Here is my collection drying after their bath.  For Makeup/Skincare Expiration Dates (use it does expire) Click Here

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