While working with clients during their outfit building sessions over the last few months, quite a few of our clients had gaps in their summer shoe wardrobe and we identified that a great pair of espadrille wedges would complete the look.  Last year I had great difficulty fulfilling that need, especially a great navy pair with a comfy and versatile heel height.  If you are a client of Invent Your Image, you know I love a good challenge.  I was on a mission yesterday to fulfill our clients shoe needs and I was determined that a store out there would have them.  I know; I could have went home and Goggled it but shoes are best tried on and taken for a test spin around the shoe department vs. ordering online, having to wait till they arrive, just to turn around and have to return them.   YES we want instant gratification ladies!  It was my lucky day, I went to Macy’s first and they were putting the espadrille display up right in front of my eyes.  SCORE!   I was so excited I think I freaked out the sales associate. I even filled my personal navy blue espadrille gap by purchasing a pair myself and I even wore them right out of the store.  Now that is instantaneous indulgence.

PicMonkey Collage

Disclaimer- this was Invent Your Image research not a paid client session.

Love to hear how you fulfilled your shoe wardrobe challenge.  Scroll down to the comment box now and tell us your story.