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Shape Wear products are sometimes necessary or even crucial to streamline your look.  No matter what size or shape you are, shapers are serious business at Invent Your Image.  It is one of the many questions I ask my clients when creating their personal shopping list.  Do you have a great fitting bra?  Do you have shape wear pieces that work with your wardrobe?  Bonus– they can be very SEXYPRETTY too.

What to Wear Under There

What to Wear Under There

 Here is a great tutorial by Dillard’s.  Click on Pic for More Details.


How to Choose a Shape Wear Garment for YOU

Best Shape Wear for YOU

Click on image to take you to a great article and product suggestions that I discovered on STYLOKO‘s blog.

For more ideas about shape wear and more.  Visit Invent Your Image’s 3 intimate apparel boards.

Serious Shapers

Underpinnings & More…

Just Add Support

Love to hear about your fave shape wear garments by scrolling down below.  And as always thanks for following Invent Your Image’s blog.