A quick recap from Part 2- we addressed the colors that are found on the warm side of the color wheel.  If you did not catch the blog post CLICK HERE to review.

For the Final Chapter of, “The Emotion of Color Trilogy”, blog posts we will be addressing how to play up the colors on the cool side of the color wheel.

Our first color is GREEN.  It has a smack dab in the middle wavelength and medium frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum.  The color green is on the cool side of the color wheel and although it can project an image of stability, it can also be associated with reptiles/insects.  When I wear it I feel like Kermit the Frog, but when purchased in the right hue for your skin tone it can add flash to your ensemble.  Green pairs well with it’s analogous hue yellow-green, perfect with a pretty pewter, with it’s complimentary partner red or a red-orange, and with a medium valued navy.

Add a Spark with Green          Plays Well with Green

The second cool color is BLUE.  It has the second shortest wavelength and a higher frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum.  Because blue is perceived as conveying success and confidence that might be why Facebook, Twitter, and Skype chose it for their logo color.  Blue pairs well with it’s analogous hue blue-green, perfect with white, with it’s complimentary partner orange, and with a stunning scarlet red.

Beautiful in Blue         Pairs well with Green

The last cool color is PURPLE.  It has the highest frequency and shortest wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum.  The connotation of purple is about controlling others or show of wealth, but it also means creativity.  You can express that creativity with rich and bold color combinations, while maintaining it’s accessibility.  Purple pairs well with it’s analogous lilac, perfect with the classic black, with it’s complimentary partner yellow, and with a cherry red.

Express Your Creativity           Plays Well with Purple

Would love to hear what color combinations you would wear?  Or any feedback you would like to share by scrolling down to the comment box below.