ec1a91bb2ccaff477b5147d2ca658d54A fact substantiated by extensive research is this: color, more than anything else, creates the very first and most powerful visual impression.  With this thought in mind you can understand why a personal color analysis is so very important to you.  It involves YOUR personal color.

If you want to present your most beautiful image, personal color analysis must be your first step that you take to create a foundation of flattering color.  Remember it is color that creates the beholder’s first visual impression.  A personal color analysis is critical to that vital first sensation you leave with someone.

So what the heck is a personal color analysis (PCA) session?

Personal Color Analysis is observing and comparing the color effects created on the skin by different test colors placed next to it.  Based on these color effects, a determination is made which accurately places the color tone into one of the twelve areas of color space.

Two factors come into play during a Personal Color Analysis:

  1. Pigmentation-the coloring that determines a person’s color tone. Pigmentation cannot be altered, a person is born with it and it is uniquely theirs.

  2. Optical Effects and Illusions– that are created on the skin by adjoining colors. These can be altered.

women bright springThe results of a Personal Color Analysis are based on the effects of simultaneous contrast.  As color comparisons are made, the color effects generated on the face are observed and documented by the analyst.  The final result is the color space that is best for YOU!