What a GREAT question.

The dictionary defines a minimalist as a person who favors a moderate approach to the achievement of a set of goals.  Being or offering no more than that is required or essential.

I often have clients that think they really want a minimal wardrobe until they actually begin their journey.  Hopefully by asking yourself a few questions, you will determine if you have the style personality that craves a simple closet.

  • Could you be happy with 25 pieces that will mix and match to create 50+ outfits?  Remember this includes shoes and accessories too. 

  •  Do you hyperventilate at the thought of a shopping excursion?

  • Do you love wearing only foundational colors?  Black, white, gray or brown.

  • Are you easily overwhelmed with a closet full of choices?

  • Do you cringe at the thought of flipping through style magazines or clicking on the Women’s Fashion tab on Pinterest?

  • Always purchase quality over quantity?

If you answered “YES” to all of these questions you are ready to begin your Minimalistic expedition.

Still on the fence here are a few advantages of creating a minimal wardrobe.

  • Less stress getting dressed in the morning

  • Save $$$

  • Clutter free closet

  • Packing for travel is a snap

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