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You have been itching to purchase a new bag, blazer, and a dress here are a few questions to ask yourself before plunking down the cash;

  1. Can I return if I need to?  Played dress up when you returned home and decided you do not care for the piece, a good return policy will be critical to saving $$$.

  2. Will it last for more then just one season?  Can you wear the garment or accessory numerous ways?  Versatility is key.

  3. Do I have something similar to it in my closet currently?  If so have you worn it numerous times to warrant another duplication?

  4. Is it made well?  Inspect the hemline, lining, stitching, etc. before leaving the store.

  5. Is it great color for your skin tone, does it fit your body shape/proportions, and does it resonate with your style persona?  Cannot say yes to all 3 factors you probably will not wear it or wear it only once.

  6. Do you have to dry clean the garment?  Consider the added expense of maintaining the garment.

  7. Do you already own everything you need to make the purchase work?  For example- correct undergarments, accessories, shoes etc.  If you have to spend a lot more to make the piece work, leave it at the store.

  8. Do you have to own it now?  There will be times when you will need to purchase something immediately- special occasion or an interview.  If you are not sure if you really need it now, take a day or two to think about if the purchase would be a smart decision.

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