Invent Your Image PCA Color Analyst Guide

Subjective, as the dictionary defines it, is pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual.

Timbre is a tone color or particular tone or your personal coloring. 

So what does all have to do with personal color analysis?

Johannes Itten, a Swiss artist, termed “Subjective Timbre” in his book The Elements of Color when he discovered that a student’s own personal coloring to be a directing factor in the student’s choice of pleasing and harmonious colors even though the student was not aware of it.

Itten made another important discovery.   A student’s chosen colors and tones, the ones they are naturally drawn to, were the same ones that looked the best on them and consistent with their skin tone, hair, and eyes or their personal coloring.

Itten’s work proved 3 theories;

  1. Each of us has a natural preference towards certain colors.

  2. These subjective choices are indicative of our personality.

  3. Our subjective choices are the same tones and colors that would look best on us.

Color Analysis Draping at Invent Your Image

Today, through a color analysis of your personal color tone, you can look your very best in the colors you surround yourself with.

12 Tone Color Analysis Color Wheel