What is Your Purchasing Personailty

Are you ready to reduce buyer’s remorse?  Identify your purchasing personality below and learn how to shop intelligently.

  • the Deal or No Deal– are you addicted to the clearance racks?  Only purchase an item if it is a killer deal?  Still have garments in your closet with the price tag still on it?  Although you think you are saving money, you might also be throwing your cash away by only buying based on a price.   Style Solution; If you still want to be frugal, ensure that the item is in your color palette, fits your body type and proportions, and it suits your style persona.

  • the Trend Spotter– is clothing a form of expression for you?  Do you want your wardrobe to continuously evolve?  Style Solution; Beware that you do not become a fashion victim.  Mix new, on-trend pieces with repurposed items.  Shop vintage or consignment stores to equalize your look.

  • the Investor– do you shop for the best quality in fabrics?  You do not settle unless it is tailor made to your body?  Style Solution; You will look amazing in your clothes, but be conscious that your clothes are not wearing you.  Mix your designer look with less pricey pieces.

  • the Minimalist– do you have a uniform that makes dressing quick and easy?  Is most of your wardrobe neutral in color?  Style Solution; break it up the predictability with a statement accessory or tweak your black blazer with one that has a leather lapel.