Smart Shopping Savvy

I know, I know only 5 smart shopping savvy ways to become a better shopper?  It is a start!

  1. MAKE A PLAN– Schedule your shopping trip in pen.  Sound crazy?  It might but I bet if you do you might be more apt to take your shopping excursion seriously.  Know what you own and create a comprehensive list of your wardrobe gaps.  You will save $$$ by sticking to your list.

  2. DO NOT INVITE GIRLFRIENDS– what?  This is not a recreational sport?  NO it is not.  Your girlfriends are not trained to make purchase decisions based on colors best for your skin tone, how to dress your body shape & proportions, and most likely do not have a clue what your style persona is.  Cannot fly solo hire a professional

  3. BEST TIME TO SHOP– Can you guess?  Before noon and preferable on a Thursday.  The store’s staff have had time to restock, push new merchandise to the floor, and the store has lower traffic patterns.

  4. DO NOT BUY IT UNLESS–  you have 3 friends in your current wardrobe you can wear it with.

  5. NO-FAIL RETURN SYSTEM– when you are back at home play dress up to ensure the garment or accessory looks great in daylight (not the yucky dressing room lightning), remember to also try on with coordinating pieces from your existing wardrobe 3 girlfriends please,  tape your receipts to the hanger and if you have not worn it in 2 weeks take it back, and lastly watch for further reductions and get a price adjustments.

Since there are many other techniques to help you SAVE BIG $$$.  We would love to hear your favorite smart shopping savvy tip.  Scroll down and let us know in the comment box below.