Invent Your Image Bridal Whites

As a soon to be bride, do you find the sea of white gowns overwhelming?  Wonder why one white looks great with your skin tone and another washes you out?  Even worse why does one white makes you look 10 pounds heavier, while another white makes you look sea sick?

If you answered “Yes” or even “I do not have the foggiest idea” you will benefit from a Personal Color Analysis session, at Invent Your Image, which utilizes exclusive Bridal White Drapes to demonstrate what white is perfect for your special day.

Invent Your Image Color Drapes   iYi Bridal Whites 1   Invent Your Image Bridal Whites Drapes and Cubes

The correct shade of white is what makes the perfect wedding gown for that most special occasion. And the average $3,000 cost for a gown clearly justifies the modest investment for a personal color consultation to determine the perfect shade of white.  You want the perfect white right?

” Believe one who has proved it.  Believe an expert”- Virgil.   Even though Virgil wrote his Trojan epic in Latin more than 2000 years ago, his insight holds true today. A person who needs the most informed advice about a specific topic should seek the counsel of an experienced full-time expert, as opposed to someone whose expertise is a part-time sub-specialty.

Call that expert today to schedule your Bridal Personal Color Analysis session- Click Here.  You will not be sorry you did!

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