Earning Your Stripes Invent Your Image Blog Post

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I am often asked is it myth or truth to the statement – “NO Horizontal Stripes”.

This Golden Style Rule is up there, second only to, “NO White after Labor Day”! First of all, there are guidelines NOT rules for Style. YOUR style is unique to YOU and no one else!!! Please embed this factoid in your mind and share it with others.

Stripes command attention and visually maximize or minimize your body silhouette based on their placement.  Yes there are times I want certain body parts to be maximized, for example my small bust and pancake buttocks.  You want a visually smaller waist?  Make sure the widest stripe in your print resembles a belt around your waist.  Still love stripes but are not confident to don them in your wardrobe?  Try a bag or a fun pair of striped heels.

So here are a few guidelines about stripes. So how do you wear your favorite pattern without looking like you’ve acquired 10 extra Lb’s?

Chevron Stripes– are the ones that come to a “V” at the seam and are flattering on a variety of body types.






Awning Stripes– these are the stripes that are wider, like on a canvas, window awning, that draw attention to your midsection and do create the illusion of width. Steer clear unless you have the desire to look fuller at your waist.






Vertical Stripes and Pin Stripes– these particular stripes work because the eye moves up and down your body and the eye is even fooled into seeing you as taller.





Diagonal Stripe– creates movement across your center so the eye is drawn down.  If you have a short torso this friend is your friend.