Try one or all five beauty on a budget tips:

1. Vaseline– its uses are endless but before you turn into bed tonight rub some on your eyelashes for fuller and thicker lashes in the morning.

2. Tea Tree Oil– a natural antiseptic, also has numerous uses, try adding a few drops to your body lotion and rub on clean shaven or newly waxed legs.

3. Witch Hazel– 100% natural product that cleanses and conditions skin.  Perfect after a day in the sun when you neglected to apply sunscreen, restores natural moisture balance to your skin when used as a toner, and for you gentleman it is great as an aftershave.

4. Corn Huskers– heavy duty hand treatment.

5. Sunscreen– plus your dark foundation from summer time equals a lighter foundation for winter.  You do wear SPF in the winter correct?

Love to hear your Beauty on a Budget tips by scrolling down to the comment box.