Radiant Orchid Pantone

The color of purple, in its many tones purple can set the stage for many moods.  When people viewed it in a lighter value they described it as calming and peaceful.  When a dark purple was shown they associated it with death and destruction, also it created a feeling of apprehension.   While light purple gives off romantic feelings, a deep dark purple can create sadness.

Purple is the symbol of royalty and wealth and also represents wisdom and spirituality.  This color is rarely found in nature and is thought, by some, to be an artificial color.  Oddly enough, it is found that purple is the most preferred color choice of children. 

So if you love the hue, how can you add it to your wardrobe without it creating a negative impression?  You can revisit Invent Your Image’s previous posts- How to Combine Spring 2014 Colors and Invent Your Image’s Analysis of Pantone Colors for Spring 2014.

So How Does the Color Purple Make You Feel?

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