Dark Autumn Invent Your Image PCA Client

Have you often wondered why one Dark Autumn,for example, visually looks different than another Dark Autumn individual?  First let’s chat about how your color space is determined.  12 Tone Personal Color Analysis is observing and comparing the color effects created on the skin by different  test colors placed next to it.  Based on these color effects, a determination is made which accurately places the color tone into one of the twelve areas of color space.

How does Pigmentation factor into 12 Tone Personal Color Analysis?  It is one of two factors that come into play during a PCA session, the other is Optical Effects and Illusions which I will address in another Invent Your Image blog post.  Pigmentation is the coloring that determines a person’s color tone.  Pigmentation cannot be altered, a person is born with it and it is uniquely theirs.

Pigments are color-forming chemical matter within the human body which combine to give us our unique color tone.  The color of every human being is determined by a combination of three pigments: melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin.  Color differences are caused only by variations in their concentrations.

  1. Melanin is a dark brown pigment and is the major contributor to the black, brown, and blue tones of human coloring

  2. Carotene is a pigment that imparts yellow, orange, or red coloring and converted by the liver into vitamin A.

  3. Hemoglobin is an oxygen transporting respiratory pigment carried in the blood by your red blood cells.  This pigment is responsible for the red coloring of blood.

Note- I was educated and trained by former CEO of Sci/Art, Kathryn Kalisz, in which I was certified in color theory, significance of human coloration, and 12-Tone Personal Color Analysis.

With each 12 Tone PCA session, as certified color analyst, I am not only gaining more experience but am continually learning how hue, value, and chroma reacts differently with different skin tones.   That is one of the many intriguing and exciting reasons for practicing the art of  personal color analysis.  Because everyone’s pigmentation is unique to only them, that is why each person’s skin tone translate or reads differently with each test color.  Pictured above, is an example of an individual that might be type casted into a color space based only on her hair and eye color; but because with 12-Tone Personal Color Analysis we access color comparisons based solely on skin tone, the simultaneous contrast lead us to place her into the rich and dramatic Dark Autumn color space.

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