Color Wheel Pocket Version

This is one of my go to tools during a color analysis session, closet analysis, or on a shopping excursion with my clients.

Is your closet a sea of black?  It might simplify getting dressed and make you look slimmer but let’s face it, IT IS BORING! But how can you use the color wheel to spice up the color combinations in your wardrobe?

Trust me it is super easy.  The color wheel is the adult guide to matching colors.


Using any shade, tint, or tone of one color.  This will create a modern and chic look.  Remember, I am referencing the colors on the wheel (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet),  not foundational colors like black, gray, and white.

Monochromatic Look


Using any shades, tints, or tones of colors that lie adjacent to each other on the wheel.  Pick a color on the wheel and the color to either the left or right.  Hues that are similar to each other create a harmonious and cohesive look.  For example you can pair red with a red-violet.

Red and Red-Violet Combination


Combining a shade, tint, or tone of one color with the color opposite on the color wheel.  This color combination is more daring, but do not shy away from it, experiment and have a little fun.   For example red-orange with blue-green.

Red-Orange and Blue-Green      Red Orange and Blu-Green

Accent Color

Some situations might require a more toned down or conservative look with your color combinations.  This is the time where you can combine your foundation colors (black, gray, navy, or white) with a pop of color in the right place.  For example with a handbag, shoes, necklace, or blouse.

aabee688b7ab16dc49c0c9485db80cf7 e464a4b63b0dae211e007cf29136c7ff Pop of Color

Final Words

Do not doubt your ability to wear different hues.  This is the easiest way to refresh your wardrobe.  Have a little confidence and go for it.


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